Aron Varro


Date and place of birth: 2010.09.03.

Favourite trick: Tailwhip, superman, no hander, can-can What keeps you pushing BMX every day: I always find new tricks and want to learn them.
Bodyweight, height: 27 kg 137 cm Favourite spot to ride: Junkride Daily routine: Going to school in the morning, and riding after! I also go swimming regularly
Current residence: Nagytarcsa Favourite BMX part: Rear hub, bars How did my BMX carreer start off: I was in a summer BMX camp and the instructors were BMX riders - I really liked what they did! Then I got into skatepark riding, and absolutely love it since then!
What year did I start riding BMX: 2017 Favourite BMX video: The Webbie Show 3

A message: I'd love to just ride all day long... When I ride, it is an unbelievable feeling! If you have no idea what sport to do, try BMX! It became a huge part of my life.