Philipp Schuster


Date and place of birth: 30.06.1995 Baden

Favourite trick: Manual and going high What keeps you pushing BMX every day: Riding my bike is pure fun, i did many sports in my past, but BMX kills everything
Bodyweight, height: 84kg 182cm Favourite spot: Little Gheddo skateparks with shity ramps Daily routine: Wake up, going to work, repairing cars, ride my bike
Current residence: Baden Favourite BMX part: My Leandro tropical profile elite hubs How did my BMX carreer start off: I grew up in a very small skatepark and I learned all this little tech tricks. Someday I met other riders from Vienna, and from other places with cool locations to ride. Than after time I started riding contest, what’s really fun, because there are so many different styles out there to mess.
What year did I start riding BMX: 2013 Favourite BMX video: Erik Elstran in Minneapolis

A message: Do what’s fun and healthy for you. And do it for yourself, not for other ones ...