Marin Rantes


Date and place of birth: 9.8.1995, Varaždin

Favourite trick: 720 whip, quad whip, flip bar whip What keeps you pushing BMX every day: I just wanna be better then myself every day
Bodyweight, height: 73kg Favourite spot to ride: Daniel Dhers Action Sport Complex, new park in my city Varazdin Daily routine: Breakfast, riding, lunch, gym, dinner, sleep
Current residence: Croatia, Varazdin Favourite BMX part: just love fresh parts How did my BMX carreer start off: Few friends was telling me to go for about two weeks to some ramp. I thought it’s ramp for parking cars. And when i saw for first time half pipe i loved it and just wanted to ride every day and have fun.
What year did I start riding BMX: Late 2008 Favourite BMX video:

A message: Keep chasing your dreams no matter what other people say. You make your limits!