Jano Kovacs


Date and place of birth: 1996.01.25., Békéscsaba

Favourite trick: hmm, maybe grind/manual combinations, but to have a couple examples: ice pick, no hander or turndown. What keeps you pushing BMX every day: Sometimes a good video, simply the nice weather, friends, new spots and the sensation itself, when you hop on your bike - everyone knows that...
Bodyweight, height: 72 kg, 185 cm Favourite spot to ride: Well, I don't really have one - everything, I can have fun on! Daily routine: absolutely random
Current residence: Budapest Favourite BMX part: my new Fiend Morrow v3 frame baby! How did my BMX carreer start off: I was hanging out in the local skatepark by the time watching guys riding, then tried some of their bikes and I liked it. After I bought my first BMX, I tried a hop 180 on flat and managed to break my ankle the second day hahah - it all happened on a crappy winter afternoon. Spring arrived by the time I healed and I'm on since then. :)
What year did I start riding BMX: 2009 Kedvenc Favourite BMX video:

A message: Spend as much time riding as possible and never quit!