Kevin Nemeth


Date and place of birth: Budapest, 1994.03.08.

Favourite trick: Tailwhip combos, tabletop, icepick What keeps you pushing BMX every day: Maybe the fact, that it fills me with happiness like back when I began riding, though I forget this from time to time... Majority of my life is connected to BMX in some way, and will probably stay like this for ever. Once you get one the bike, it's hard to stop.
Bodyweight, height: 83kg, 187cm Favourite spot to ride: Nope Daily routine: Waking up - being awake - going to sleep
Current residence: Budaörs Favourite BMX part: Westcoaster freecoaster, Fiend Morrow frame How did my BMX carreer start off: My dad took me to Sportsziget back in 2004, where I got to watch a bmx dirt and park event with some of the best riders of that time. It was freaking awesome! So I started riding BMX.
What year did I start riding BMX: 2005 Favourite BMX video: Nope

A message: Peace!