Joco Grof


Date and place of birth: Szombathely, 1992.09.21.

Favourite trick: manual, tooth hanger What keeps you pushing BMX every day: Everything! Riding BMX is too much fun : )
Bodyweight, height: 80 kg, 190 cm Favourite spot to ride: Anything - the whole world Daily routine: Trying not to be late all the time
Current residence: Győr Favourite BMX parts: Fiend Varanyak frame,
Division Tactical Freecoaster
How did my BMX carreer start off: Back home in Kőszeg we were just pedalling around a lot after school - then later when we moved to Győr with my girlfriend, I found myself in a whole new biking community - as a result I bought my first BMX in 2013
What year did I start riding BMX: 2013 Favourite BMX videos: "Garrett Reynolds for Fiend - Fiend BMX"
"Dakota Roche -
Talk Is Cheap"
"Dan Lacey - FTS"

A message: "Never go full retard!"
Oh and look around, when droppin' in the skatepark : )