Attila Godi


Date and place of birth: 1987.04.03 Pécs

Favourite trick:
Grind combos, nosemanual.
What keeps you pushing BMX every day: A big part of my life has always been BMX. I can thank this world a lot and couldn't imagine myself without it. You have to set new goals and it keeps inspiring me. The more work you put into a trick, the better it is to succeed. It reminds me not to give up ever!
Bodyweight, height: 74kg, 175cm Favourite spot to ride: Grindboxes
and rails are my table.
Daily routine: Completely random.
Current residence: Pécs Favourite BMX parts: Been running Colony parts for 11 years and still love 'em! How did my BMX carreer start off: Don't even know exactly… Been always playing football with the mates. Next to us was a hillside, the local DH riders used to drop into it. After playing football we went there jumping too. I liked it that much, I got into it 'til this day.
What year did I start riding BMX: 1999, or 2000 Favourite BMX video: I have a lot, mostly older videos. Got so many in my mind, would fit into this space…

A message: Don't forget, you only live once. Don't be afraid of new things, chase your dreams! Don't give up, even if you fail occasionally. It just makes you stronger!