Tamas Gal


Date and place of birth: 1993. 09. 02. Debrecen

Favourite trick: I really like going backwards :D What keeps you pushing BMX every day: It gives me a really good feeling when I can do all my tricks on a practice day, but of course learning a new trick pushes me even more.
Bodyweight, height: 179 cm, 72 kg Favourite spot to ride: Miskolc,
theatre rail
Daily routine: On a riding day: first thing is a proper warmup, then just a few rolls, then some tricks that became basic with time. Later I might find out a cool line, but it can take a couple hours or even days to do it.
Current residence: Budapest Favourite BMX part: I love everything on my current bike. :D How did my BMX carreer start off: We used to jump around a parking gate with old Csepel BMXes, but these died quickly. Later I had to buy a better one - if you consider Gepida a proper bike :D That's how it all started.
What year did I start riding BMX: 2005 Favourite BMX video: Everything made by Rich Forne.

A message: Always be persistent!