Gergely Szajer


Date and place of birth: 1987, Győr

Favourite trick: My very own developed halfpacker switch. It took around 3-4 years to use it on contests. Other
than that, I love backwards whiplashes and other roll variations, too.
What keeps you pushing BMX every day: Good weather, love of moving, if a new good video drops.
Bodyweight, height: 80 kg, 182 cm Favourite spot:
Hayett Spot Cologne
Daily routine: Thug life & everyday im hustlin´ :P
Current residence: Győr Favourite BMX part: Odyssey Frequency tires How did my BMX carreer start off: In 2001 on the Heroes Square in Budapest I saw some pros riding when I was 14 and I knew in that moment, I want to do this.
What year did I start riding BMX: Summer of 2002 Favourite BMX video: KGB Impuslivity, Simon O Brien- Made you look, Chase Guin- Function Victim, Elusion, every
Intrikat video

A message: I have three quotes - sadly not mine, but can relate to them. The following: „In the age of information, ignorance is a choice“, „if you fight, you might lose, if you don't, you have already lost.“ „Have the courage to live - anybody can die“.