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06/11/2020 11:00

If you ever travelled to Dubai, what would your sightseeing look like? Kriss Kyle did it his way - don't miss it, unique one!

Member of the Elite BMX Team from Austria, Philipp Schuster brought you some heavy weekend motivation with his 2020 BMX edit! Huge jumps, crazy tricks and endless style coming!

Kristof Krausz is just 14 years old but already unstoppable! no better proof than his new welcome edit - don't miss it!

Banger tricks and a captivating imagery - a short video from Hungary that keeps you hyped for street riding!

01/10/2020 12:00

A couple cool riding clips and a bike check? Watch Zozo Kempf's video of his 2020 rig!

23/09/2020 12:00

In this weeks throwback the Total BMX team brings us some pure BMX vibes from FISE - 2018!

Marin Rantes made it to the E-FISE finals - let's vote and win together!

Huge pools and endless style, guess what? That's right, we brought you something special from down under as weekend motivation: Jayden Fuller's Colony BMX video from 2017 following!

A massive park frame with sharp geometry? Take a quick look at the latest frame in Colony's lineup, the Konstantin Andreev Signature M8!

15/07/2020 12:26

Looking for a bombproof frame, already decided which brand, but cannot pick the favoured one? Let us help you: the latest BSD 2020 frames overview following!

Looking for the sharpest frame on the market? Is tech street your table of riding? Alex Donnachie's own designed BSD ALVX frame is born for that and every single video of him is proof: BSD - Alex D 'On Home Turf'!

The 2020 X Games Real Street BMX video parts arrived! Garrett Reynolds delivers the usual set of insane bangers - video following!

13/08/2020 12:00

Need some weekend motivation? Don't miss the latest from BSD's VX Rated series: Dan Paley stacking bangers on bangers!

Colin Varanyak's been on the Fiend Pro Team for a while now - no wonder, from freecoaster tech-lines to huge rails he can handle everything with ease! Straight from 2016: Colin Varanyak in 'Fiending'!

03/08/2020 14:00

This year most of our favourite sports events are cancelled sadly - FISE does their best though, announcing a completely online contest for the fans and athletes. Vote for our team member, Marin Rantes!

Mark Webb's famous "The Webbie Show" series gave a serious background to his later TWS signature parts. Jumping back to 2013: The Webbie Show 2 following!

23/07/2020 12:10

Would you like to know how and where Fiend complete bikes are made? How's it possible to supply the best quality for such a good price? Garrett Reynolds and Colin Varanyak travelled to China to show us, what's behind the scenes!

Even the pros can make mistakes - 'In The Cut - BSD RECORDING' following!

The brand new 2020 Alex Hiam signature parts arrived! Many new things came in - well deserved, he is a known pro for a long time now. But when did it all start? Back to 2013: Alex Hiam - Colony BMX 2013 Web Video!

Superman on the streets? This week we brought you a very unique watch: The Trip | Augie Simoncini |TripTape following!

Are you bored of all-black bikes and look for something fresh? Here's something really special: customer bike check following!

09/06/2020 11:50

Fast, slow, technical, burly, with lots of rails - every street rider can find a favourite part in BSD's latest video: RECORDING following!

Stacked lines and tons of style: let us introduce you Jánó and his new ride based on a Fiend Morrow V3 frame!

Our Total BMX frames are now available for an unbeatable price - don't miss out on them! This weeks throwback straight from 2013: Total BMX Presents - Alex Coleborn!

What makes Colony BMX special? 32 minutes of proof from their stacked team including the boss man, Clint Millar: Take a Ticket!

19/05/2020 00:00

Cannot decide between black and gold? Check out the new Fiend Varanyak Golddusted frame - Joco Grof 2020 setup following!

We have an overall review of the new 2020 Fiend goods accompanied by 13 minutes of stone cold real street riding from the very best: ALWAYS FIENDING!

New year, new tricks, new challenges - just need a new frame for all this?

Alex Donnachie, Dan Paley and Kriss Kyle in one edit? A short teaser of the new 2020 goods and BSD BMX -Undercover following!

How do you describe street riding, if someone asks you? Garrett Reynolds has a good answer: Unreal BMX street riding from 2015!

"16", 18" or 20"? Frame geometry? Sealed or non-sealed?!" Are you interested in riding BMX, but it all seems too much at first sight? Let us help you by guiding through the Mankind BMX 2020 complete bikes!

16/03/2020 07:00

Clean and indestructible - Attila 'X' Godi 2020 setup following!

Áron Varró, youngest member of our team has some great things to share with you for 2020!

Our teammate Gergely Szájer just kicked 2020 off: on the first stop of the German Flatland BMX Championship he placed fourth in pro category! Video and a few words following.

This week we brought you the masterpiece of Ty Morrow, member of the Fiend BMX squad from 2016: huge 360s, half cabs and grinds following!

No scratches or loose parts, the bike bounces without a noise and even the last screw has some factory grease shining on it: that's right, a dear customer of ours starts the season with a brand new bike thanks to our new year sales! Bike check following.

Spring is coming - time to get ready for the season, this week with the help of Áron Varró and Mark Webb!

25/02/2020 09:30

Grips and pedals are the primary contact point between you and your bike, therefore it's crucial to pick the best - but what makes these new BSD parts special? Read it in today's article!

20/02/2020 22:22

One of the biggest in the BMX industry and it all started with a custom made sprocket: BSD Forever!

Have you ever dreamt of visiting distant countries thanks to bmx? Learning new tricks with the best bmxers ever on one of the best skateparks? We know someone, who got it all: a couple words from Tibi Szepesi in today's article - straight from the USA!

Have you seen the BSD VX Rated videos? Curious, what went down behind the scenes? Some unused footage coming from Sam Jones here!

Go out and ride, it's weekend! Or if you can't, find Simple Session 2020 Live here.

06/02/2020 11:42

Ingredients: Garrett Reynolds and his friends, a couple sturdy bmx parts and a video full of hammers. History is made, Fiend BMX coming up next!

31/01/2020 10:17
How did Total BMX start as a brand? A few words from Ronnie Remo, founder of Total BMX coming up!
21/01/2020 12:06

The latest Total BMX Tees have arrived at Elite BMX Shop!

2020 has just started and new year sales already came with it! If you'd like to get ready for the season at a reasonable price, take a look around our webshop - from complete bikes to parts and protective gear, you can find everything! When your order arrives, take a photo, post it on instagram, tag us and use #elitebmx! We are looking forward to your posts, maybe even repost some of the best! ; )

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