BMX video archive: Alex Hiam 2013 - Colony BMX

20/03/2020 12:00

The brand new 2020 Alex Hiam signature parts arrived! Many new things came in - well deserved, he is a known pro for a long time now. But when did it all start? Back to 2013: Alex Hiam - Colony BMX 2013 Web Video!

Colony has always been famous for its lightweight, colorful and unique line of parts - that hasn't changed, Alex Hiam fits this picture well. His signature parts have been around since 2010, he was 15 years old then - Sweet Tooth V2 frame promo video coming from 2013!

The already proven Sweet Tooth frames came in black and gloss trans purple, Sweet Tooth bars are restocked in every size and color as well, we have some new Alex Hiam combo and pivotal seats as well and the Sweet Tooth forks in 3 different offsets: 20, 25 and 30 mm for all kinds of riding! Check 'em by clicking the photo below: