Product guide: 2021 Mankind complete bikes!

27/08/2021 09:00

14", 16", 18" or 20"? Frame geometry? Ball bearings or sealed?!" Are you interested in the world of bmx, but it's all to messy at first sight? Let us help by guiding you through the new 2021 Mankind BMX complete bikes!

Planet, Nexus, Sureshot and Libertad - 4 different levels for 4 different purposes: read our article and know everything before hopping on your new bike!

Mankind BMX Planet 14", 16" and 20" complete bikes

These completes represent the entry level: the parts and materials used are durable and the geometry helps you learn new tricks and keep yourself stabilized at the same time. The price is kept reasonable - great choice for beginners and easy to upgrade when it's time.

Available in 14", 16" and also 20" - feel free to contact us if you are not sure about choosing the perfect one!

Mankind Nexus 18" complete bikes

Things are about to get serious: parts are getting stronger and more resistant- sealed bearings on main areas - materials used are also ready for more abuse , the geometry is derived straight from pro level parts. The Nexus complete bikes grant you a solid base for your BMX carreer! With its specifications in 18" these are one top-of-the-range choice. 

Mankind Nexus 20" complete bikes

The Nexus comes in 3 different frame sizes on 20" wheels: the JR with its 20" top tube length is made for shorter adults - or kids who are ready for the 20" wheels but a bigger frame is still too much for them - , the 20.5" top tube size fits most, and the XL with its 21" frame makes a perfect fit for taller riders.

Mankind BMX Sureshot 20" complete bikes

The Sureshot - as its name suggests - is a very good ride to place a bet on: the frame geometry, sealed bearings all around, trendy colors and many aftermarket parts all make you feel like you bought a custom bike from the webshop - all of this for a reasonable price. If you hop on one, there is no stop from there!

Mankind BMX Libertad 20" complete bikes

The Libertad is the top of the range here at Elite BMX Shop - the very same materials are used in the pro aftermarket parts! 100% Cro-Mo frame and forks, sealed bearings everywhere! Dozens of new tricks are waiting for you with the Libertad - not to mention, how good it looks in either Trans Raw or Trans Teal!