A brief history: Fiend BMX

06/02/2020 11:42

Ingredients: Garrett Reynolds and his friends, a couple sturdy bmx parts and a video full of hammers. History is made, Fiend BMX coming up next!


Back in 2011 a video - shown below - emerged and took the BMX community by storm: Garrett Reynolds has started a brand called Fiend BMX alongside his riding crew of Ty Morrow, JJ Palmere, Colin Varanyak and Kevin Vannauker. No articles or interviews, no marketing talks, just a heavy promo video to make a statement through their riding - and their philosophy hasn't changed in time. Garrett Reynolds has won 12 X-Games gold medals and the rest of the crew is known for their riding worldwide, this reflects on all the products designed by Fiend: strong, reliable and ready to take a beating! They are growing constantly and we are proud to work with Fiend BMX since the beginning: we offer everything from beginner and intermediate complete bikes to the highest quality aftermarket parts.

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