Aron Varro 18" setup for 2022! #ELITEBMXTEAM

21/02/2022 16:00

Áron just visited Elite BMX Shop and we got his 18" bike ready for the '22 season - click and see what we've got for him

The base of his new rig is the Total BMX Killabee 18" Frame, Total TWS 18" Froks and Total BMX Bearings from Alföldi Kerekesek Egyesülete  - other parts came with our Elite BMX Shop support package.

The bike just turned out to be a banger lil bro of Kyle Baldock's own bike - cannot wait to see Áron shred it! Good luck for 2022. ; )


If you'd like to read a couple things about Áron, click and check his bio!