Szepesi Tibi reporting from the USA!

19/02/2020 10:00

Have you ever dreamt of visiting distant countries thanks to bmx? Learning new tricks with the best bmxers ever on one of the best skateparks? We know someone, who got it all: a couple words from Tibi Szepesi in today's article - straight from the USA!

"I've managed to kick 2020 off with the biggest adventure of my carreer so far: three months in Holly Springs, USA! During my stay, I am getting ready for the season on the course of multiple X-Games gold medallist, UCI World Champion Daniel Dhers.
The course is insanely good. A bit crowded right now, but modifications are in progress, so it gets even better. In the first two weeks I was focusing mainly on getting my current tricks safely done on these obstacles. As of now I am getting new ones, too.
The environment is very inspiring. Seeing others do their runs and tricks, it pushes me a lot. Because of the local mentality, I really start to believe, nothing's impossible. I am really focused on nutrition and resting times as well. I feel like I'm in the shape of my life."

If you'd like to read some about Tibi - like his favourite tricks, or how old he is - here's his bio!