Gergely Szájer 4th in pro category - Fight The Winter 2020

10/03/2020 22:23

Our teammate Gergely Szájer just kicked 2020 off: on the first stop of the German Flatland BMX Championship he placed fourth in pro category! Video and a few words following.

This year - for the tenth time - Fight The Winter Flatland BMX Contest was held in Göttingen, where numerous well-known names appeared and we are proud to announce, that Gergely Szájer pushed it really hard - keep it rollin' in 2020 man! You can find video coverage of the event below - Gergely comes from 2:10 with his best combo:


What is flatland? Today the main styles are street, park and dirt riding - most of the newcomers haven't even heard of flatland riding, even though it played a significant role in the history of BMX: in the early 1990's BMX Freestyle divided into many different directions officially and these also got a contest format. Street and Flatland came first, then street turned into park, dirt and street. Flatland means performing balance tricks and combinations of these on flat ground. Adrenaline is not in the centre, it takes rather an insane amount of composure and foucs to learn as many tricks as possible and then form them into lines.

If you got interested in flatland riding, visit the facebook page of Sportzone Veresegyházor you can find them on instagram too!

Click on the photo to view Gergely Szájer's profile!