ALWAYS FIENDING and 2020 goods review

11/05/2020 12:00

We have an overall review of the new 2020 Fiend goods accompanied by 13 minutes of stone cold real street riding from the very best: ALWAYS FIENDING!

For 2020 we have many new things to offer from Fiend BMX! Here's a 13 minutes long teaser of what these parts are capable of:

The range already being bomb has grown further - let's see what's new!


Garrett Reynolds and Ty Morrow models arrived with the previously proven geometry in new colorways and the Colin Varanyak signature frame made a comeback with a supershort 12.7" chainstay length for the tech riders in a stunning golddusted black color!


The Cab Freecoaster v2 comes with hubguards on both sides, in black and tumbled aluminium RHD or LHD, slack can be adjusted with the washers included:


Coming in 25t version with plastic guards in black and tumbled aluminium colorways, the Garrett Reynolds, Colin Varanyak and JJ Palmere models are here - the Havoc guard can be removed!


Leather and canvas can be found both in mid and fat padding, so everyone can find the personal favourite - uniquely designed by Garrett Reynolds, Ty Morrow, Colin Varanyak and JJ Palmere:


Garrett Reynolds v3 Frontload stems came in black and tumbled aluminium with the notorious "ALWAYS FIENDING" logo on front for those who prefer this design and the well-proven Ty Morrow v3 Topload is also re-stocked in both colors:


In 9", 9.25", 9.5" and a new 9.75" height Fiend Team bars are available in black and chrome:


Flangeless Fiend Team grips alongside the classic black in many unique colorways to finish your bike off with the perfect one:


The new Garrett Reynolds pedals also arrived in black, Fiend Belmont steel and plastic sleeved pegs in 4.25", 4.4" and 4.5" length, and bottom bracket and headset bearings are available in many color options: