Nono Molnár


Date and place of birth: 2010.09.04. Budapest

Favourite tricks: 360 barpsin, double barspin, no hander What keeps you pushing BMX every day: I'd like to be a champion!
Bodyweight, height: 33 kg, 141 cm Favourite spot to ride: The Garden, Gödöllő Skatepark Daily routine: Riding BMX 4 times a week, doing Judo 3 times a week
Current palce of residence: Budapest Favourite parts: Rear hub, bars How did my BMX carreer start off: Grabbed my scooter and visited a skatepark ridden by bmxers regularly, fell in love with it and switched over to bike!
What year did I start riding BMX: 2019 December Favourite BMX videos: Logan Martin - 2012 Melbourne edit, Drew Bezanson vs. Joyride 150

A message: Do sports a lot - the brave never give up!